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imageermontimageEntered into Vermont today, and we declared it first place in several categories. The first is it is the hilliest of all the States. It seems when you look out over the State from a high place that it is nothing but mountains. We climbed a hill or I should say Mountain that was 14 miles from bottom to top and climbed 2,000 ft with grades as high as 12%. It was a killer!! The second category is it has the worst roads of any State we have been in. When we headed down from Mt Molly as I fondly named her we immediately got up to speeds of 30 mph but the roads were so bad that we had to brake hard or be shaken to death, or fly off the road or have our bikes blow apart. I touched the disks on my disk brakes on my bicycle after 15 minutes of descending Mt Molly and got burned and got a blister on my finger.

Rode 86 miles today and because of all the climbing, especially Mt Molly we got to our Bed and Breakfast in Bethel, Vermont after dark. We have bright red blinking lights on our bikes so other cars can see us easily, but it is still spooky riding a bicycle in busy traffic after the sun goes down.

My shin splints started hurting again today with a vengence. I am sure it is because of all the hard biking we did today.  Praying that a good nights rest will help along with the Aleve and compression sock.

all day long when I would feel super exhausted or my shin hurting I would say, “2 more days after today”, “you can do it”! I do the same thing with difficulties in life, “you are going to heaven” “quit fussing!”

love you all very much. Dee

Gorgeous day

imageimageimageWe rode 78 miles today and the weather was wonderful, and the scenery was amazing!! All day long we were in the Adirondacks and the colors of the changing tree leaves was beautiful. The biking was tough  with lots of climbing, but we made good time and actually finished by 5 pm tonight. That was nice!!

Tomorrow we will go about the same number of miles, and we are going to stay in a Bed and Breakfast. That will be a first for this trip. Looks like from their web sight that it is a super old New England home fixed up really nice. Gave us a good price to stay there and it looks like we will be getting a delicious breakfast to boot.

We have a really big mountain to climb tomorrow. Goes up to 2,000 feet from 500 in about 5 miles. I will be doing some pushing my bike up some hills tomorrow. All the while I am grunting, and wheezing up the hill I will be saying, “only 2 more days”, you can do anything for two more days!

Must be lots of people praying for me. My shin splints are doing OK. Hurts when I walk my bike up steep hills, but only minor pain now when I am pedaling.

My weight is at an even 200 lbs, which is the lightest I have been since I started pastoring in 1976. I hope to lose at least one more so I can be under 200. Been eating like a pig. I get really hungry riding this bicycle all day! I started at 225 and my goal was 188 but I am super pleased with 199. I will keep at it once home.

3 more riding days left!! Can’t hardly believe it. Love you all very much!





Rode 79 miles on our bicycles today, and it was all up or down hills. Lots of 6 to 8 % grade hills that are 4 mph in low-low gear. I was tuckered out when we got to camp, and enjoyed very much my freeze dried Beef Stroganoff. It really is quite good. When we got to the gate to the camp called “Eighth Lake Campground near the town of Raquette Lake, New York the fellow who was taking money told us it was free for bicyclists. He talked to us about our trip, and declared that he wanted to do something like this someday. He was very nice and enjoyable to talk to. We were on the rode this morning at 7 am and rode into our camp at 7 pm. By the time we get tents set up, get dinner cooked, take a shower it is 10 pm and we get up at 5:30 a.m. All that to say my goal of coming home with 34 sermons written out is going to be closer to 3 or 4. Last night I fell asleep while reading my Bible. There are very few days that we aren’t imageimageimageimageimageimageE

Back to the hills

Yesterday we biked 75 miles and started into the Adirondack’s, so the hill climbing is back. We have 2 big, long grades to go up today that are 4 or 5 miles long. The Adirondack’s are famous for the “colors” in the Fall as the leaves change and we are right at the beginning of that. We have already seen some beautiful scenery and we are just entering the mountains. The next four days will be tough going, but we only have 5 days of biking left, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bright. We stayed at Redfield, New York and are planning on going 75 miles today to Raquette Lake to a camp ground.

We stopped at a bike shop yesterday and got John’s bike fixed good as new, and my “Shin Splints” are not getting any worse and are “bearable”, sort of the “grin and bear it” category. I will be able to finish strong, and will try not to whine to much!!

love you all very much, Dee

Break down

imageimageWe rode on this trail that follows the Erie cancel for about 50 miles today, and did a total of 86 miles today. We are presently camped at “Lake Bluff Campground” outside of Huran, New York that overlooks Lake Ontario. When we got here at 7 pm those in the office were gone and there was a note to pick a place and we could pay in the morning. Found a nice spot close to the bathrooms, but when we went to use the bathroom we found it took a key that they gave out at the office that was closed. So we had no way to go to the bathroom or take a shower! There was a lady walking by so I began sharing with her what we were doing, and our dilemma . She said she had an extra one and loaned hers to us. Boy, that shower felt so good!!

John’s bicycle had a major breakdown today. The cable that runs the rear derailer broke. He managed to fix it by pulling the end down and fastening it on the derailer. The problem is he only has a couple of gears now. He can limp by with this for a little while, but will cause major slowing down. There is a bike shop on the way tomorrow about noon so we are hoping that they have the part and would be willing to fix it for us while we eat lunch 🙂

my leg injury stayed about the same. Hurts like the dickens but I can still pedal, so I think we will make it.

We have 6 days left. Love you all very much, dee


Boy that was fun!!

imageimageWe stayed at Riverside Motel animaged Campground in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada last night  and were just a few miles from Niagara Falls which we went to this morning. It is a very awesome sight and quite amazing. Hard to get a good picture because the mist from the falls was very heavy like rain. We got soaking wet looking at the falls as well as my camera which I am not sure works right yet.

We rode 84 miles today and are staying in Brockport, New York tonight. The goal is to stay at at a camp sight on the shores of Lake Ontario called “Lake Bluff” in Wolcott, New York after pedaling 85 miles tomorrow. The weather today was very nice warming up a bit to the low 70’s.

this morning after we saw Niagara and crossed back into the US and went through customs we were riding on a rode and then we went down a very steep, 8% grade and long hill. We got to going very fast for a long time. We got to the bottom and stopped at a light,  and John Said, “Boy, that was fun, but I hope there aren’t any hills like that ahead that we will have go up”. Then he looked up at the road sign and said, “Woops, we missed our turn, we have to go back up that hill”. My response was”You got to be kidding me”, which he wasn’t. I grumbled all the way up the hill, and told John that I forgave him because Jesus forgave me, and that is what I am supposed to do!!

with just 7 days of riding left I have developed a very painful case of shin splints in my left shin. It hurts like the dickens to push down on the peddle so I do most of the pushing with my right foot only. It slows me up considerably. I have ice on it tonight as I write this, I am taking Aleve, and I bought one those compression stockings, the kind old people wear, to wear tomorrow to help keep it from getting any worse.

The picture above is the Erie Canal and we rode on the trail next to it for half the day and will tomorrow as well.  The only problem is the trail is gravel and is way harder for me to pedal in. It is very pretty and historic and no traffic.

7 more days!!!!

love you all very much. Dee



imageThis is a picture of us crossing the “Peace Bridge” into Canada from Buffalo, New York.  This was a super scary experience! Thee sidewalk that we rode on was 2 feet wide, the wind was blowing sideways to us at least a bazillion miles per hour, the trucks roaring by created monster back drafts besides shaking the bridge like a major earthquake, but we made it across, Hallelujah!!!

Wow, my, oh my! Look at that picture. I have lost all my hair on this bike trip!! Must be the traffic. And look at that, the bicycle helmet has made grooves in my forehead! Boy, I hope those go away after awhile.

we rode 80 miles today, and it was a very pleasant day with sunshine, but cool, with just enough tail wind to make pedaling relatively easy.

The traffic in a Buffalo was very heavy, but we got through it with no bad experiences. A school bus pulled up next to us at at a stop light, opened her door and started asking about our trip, happens all the time. I was thinking we should have made shirts that had ” From Oregon” on the back in big letters and “To Maine” on the front. We stop and check our maps regularly to figure out where to turn and when we do often someone comes up and offers to help us. John usually says, “we are fine”, but I say, ” we are lost!”. Today a very friendly lady offered to help and she noticed my peeling nose and she put her finger on the end of my nose and said, “you be sure and put some sun screen on that nose” and I dutifully promised her I would. John said he thought she was hitting on me , whatever that means.

8 more riding days left!!! We called a bike shop and made an appointment for them to box our bikes per airline requirements for $50. They are close to the airport and getting a taxi from there with our bikes and stuff will be easy. We are planning on going out the night before we leave and having Lobster for dinner. I will take a picture of the big boy before I eat him!

love you all very much. Dee


imageHere we are on the “Peace Bridge” crossing into Canada. This was one scary experience! We had to ride on the sidewalk which was 2 feet wide and the wind is blowing a bazillion miles an hour sideways and the trucks are barreling across creating major draft and the bridge is shaking like a big earthquake from the trucks! But we made it, hallelujah!!

my oh my! I have lost all my hair on this bike trip! And the bike helmet has made grooves in my forehead! I hope those go away after awhile!!

We rode 80 miles today and it was a very nice day. Sunny but cool with a nice tail wind most of the day. Getting through Buffalo wasn’t to bad and customs was easy as we talked to the lady about our trip more than about what was in our panniers. We were riding through the busiest part of the city and stopped at a light and a school bus pulled up next to us and the lady driving opened the door and started asking questions about our trip. I was thinking I should have made a shirt that said “From Oregon” on the back and “Going to Maine” on the front. We stop and look at our maps frequently and most of the time someone will come up and offer to help. Today a very friendly lady came up to give us directions as we were checking our maps and noticed my peeling nose and put her finger on my nose and said sternly, ” you put some sunscreen on that nose!” I promised her I would. John said he thought she was hitting on me, whatever that means.

8 more riding days!! We called and made an appointment with a bike shop to box up our bikes per airport requirements for $50. They are close to the airport and we will take a taxi from the shop with our bikes and stuff and be there 2 Hours before our flight leaves. The night before we leave we are going out to dinner and have Lobster! I will take a picture of him for you 🙂

love you all very much. Dee