Gorgeous day

imageimageimageWe rode 78 miles today and the weather was wonderful, and the scenery was amazing!! All day long we were in the Adirondacks and the colors of the changing tree leaves was beautiful. The biking was tough  with lots of climbing, but we made good time and actually finished by 5 pm tonight. That was nice!!

Tomorrow we will go about the same number of miles, and we are going to stay in a Bed and Breakfast. That will be a first for this trip. Looks like from their web sight that it is a super old New England home fixed up really nice. Gave us a good price to stay there and it looks like we will be getting a delicious breakfast to boot.

We have a really big mountain to climb tomorrow. Goes up to 2,000 feet from 500 in about 5 miles. I will be doing some pushing my bike up some hills tomorrow. All the while I am grunting, and wheezing up the hill I will be saying, “only 2 more days”, you can do anything for two more days!

Must be lots of people praying for me. My shin splints are doing OK. Hurts when I walk my bike up steep hills, but only minor pain now when I am pedaling.

My weight is at an even 200 lbs, which is the lightest I have been since I started pastoring in 1976. I hope to lose at least one more so I can be under 200. Been eating like a pig. I get really hungry riding this bicycle all day! I started at 225 and my goal was 188 but I am super pleased with 199. I will keep at it once home.

3 more riding days left!! Can’t hardly believe it. Love you all very much!




7 thoughts on “Gorgeous day

  1. Craig Lalley

    Dee, I am impressed. Congratulations. When you get back, do you want to hike Mt. Adams? Just pick a day and Sam and I will go with you.


  2. DonnaO

    Dee, Today is my birthday. I missed getting my annual personal note from you. I KNOW you are praying for me! THANK YOU! And I AM praying for you! The ONLY “gift” I want this year is for you to finish strong and COME HOME! I [WE] REALLY miss you.


  3. Bob Stewart

    Dee and John, Can’t believe the trip is almost over. I look forward to all your daily updates and the pictures are awesome. Only 3 more days and one steep climb to go! Our prayers are with you both.


  4. Mike Wilde

    Beautiful pictures and your journey is coming to the end. Great job, Dee! Couple more days and you are headed back to the great Northwest to your family and your second favorite pastor’s group. Doesn’t get much better than that!



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