imageermontimageEntered into Vermont today, and we declared it first place in several categories. The first is it is the hilliest of all the States. It seems when you look out over the State from a high place that it is nothing but mountains. We climbed a hill or I should say Mountain that was 14 miles from bottom to top and climbed 2,000 ft with grades as high as 12%. It was a killer!! The second category is it has the worst roads of any State we have been in. When we headed down from Mt Molly as I fondly named her we immediately got up to speeds of 30 mph but the roads were so bad that we had to brake hard or be shaken to death, or fly off the road or have our bikes blow apart. I touched the disks on my disk brakes on my bicycle after 15 minutes of descending Mt Molly and got burned and got a blister on my finger.

Rode 86 miles today and because of all the climbing, especially Mt Molly we got to our Bed and Breakfast in Bethel, Vermont after dark. We have bright red blinking lights on our bikes so other cars can see us easily, but it is still spooky riding a bicycle in busy traffic after the sun goes down.

My shin splints started hurting again today with a vengence. I am sure it is because of all the hard biking we did today.  Praying that a good nights rest will help along with the Aleve and compression sock.

all day long when I would feel super exhausted or my shin hurting I would say, “2 more days after today”, “you can do it”! I do the same thing with difficulties in life, “you are going to heaven” “quit fussing!”

love you all very much. Dee

2 thoughts on “Vermont

  1. Mike Wilde

    Dee- don’t let Vermont get in your way to the finish line! Praying for you throughout the day. Remember how many times you have climbed Mt. Adams and get over those hills. You are looking so good buddy. Proud of you!



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