Rode 79 miles on our bicycles today, and it was all up or down hills. Lots of 6 to 8 % grade hills that are 4 mph in low-low gear. I was tuckered out when we got to camp, and enjoyed very much my freeze dried Beef Stroganoff. It really is quite good. When we got to the gate to the camp called “Eighth Lake Campground near the town of Raquette Lake, New York the fellow who was taking money told us it was free for bicyclists. He talked to us about our trip, and declared that he wanted to do something like this someday. He was very nice and enjoyable to talk to. We were on the rode this morning at 7 am and rode into our camp at 7 pm. By the time we get tents set up, get dinner cooked, take a shower it is 10 pm and we get up at 5:30 a.m. All that to say my goal of coming home with 34 sermons written out is going to be closer to 3 or 4. Last night I fell asleep while reading my Bible. There are very few days that we aren’t imageimageimageimageimageimageE

1 thought on “Adirondacks

  1. Marv&Donnna

    Don’t care if it is 34 — or 4 or 3 — or zero!!! Just want you back home, safe and sound! We are sure that Patty, your kids, and your grandkids miss you more than us. BUT — we miss you so much that it hurts! NOT kidding! Can’t wait for you to Come Home! We love you!



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