imageHere we are on the “Peace Bridge” crossing into Canada. This was one scary experience! We had to ride on the sidewalk which was 2 feet wide and the wind is blowing a bazillion miles an hour sideways and the trucks are barreling across creating major draft and the bridge is shaking like a big earthquake from the trucks! But we made it, hallelujah!!

my oh my! I have lost all my hair on this bike trip! And the bike helmet has made grooves in my forehead! I hope those go away after awhile!!

We rode 80 miles today and it was a very nice day. Sunny but cool with a nice tail wind most of the day. Getting through Buffalo wasn’t to bad and customs was easy as we talked to the lady about our trip more than about what was in our panniers. We were riding through the busiest part of the city and stopped at a light and a school bus pulled up next to us and the lady driving opened the door and started asking questions about our trip. I was thinking I should have made a shirt that said “From Oregon” on the back and “Going to Maine” on the front. We stop and look at our maps frequently and most of the time someone will come up and offer to help. Today a very friendly lady came up to give us directions as we were checking our maps and noticed my peeling nose and put her finger on my nose and said sternly, ” you put some sunscreen on that nose!” I promised her I would. John said he thought she was hitting on me, whatever that means.

8 more riding days!! We called and made an appointment with a bike shop to box up our bikes per airport requirements for $50. They are close to the airport and we will take a taxi from the shop with our bikes and stuff and be there 2 Hours before our flight leaves. The night before we leave we are going out to dinner and have Lobster! I will take a picture of him for you 🙂

love you all very much. Dee

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