Boy that was fun!!

imageimageWe stayed at Riverside Motel animaged Campground in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada last night  and were just a few miles from Niagara Falls which we went to this morning. It is a very awesome sight and quite amazing. Hard to get a good picture because the mist from the falls was very heavy like rain. We got soaking wet looking at the falls as well as my camera which I am not sure works right yet.

We rode 84 miles today and are staying in Brockport, New York tonight. The goal is to stay at at a camp sight on the shores of Lake Ontario called “Lake Bluff” in Wolcott, New York after pedaling 85 miles tomorrow. The weather today was very nice warming up a bit to the low 70’s.

this morning after we saw Niagara and crossed back into the US and went through customs we were riding on a rode and then we went down a very steep, 8% grade and long hill. We got to going very fast for a long time. We got to the bottom and stopped at a light,  and John Said, “Boy, that was fun, but I hope there aren’t any hills like that ahead that we will have go up”. Then he looked up at the road sign and said, “Woops, we missed our turn, we have to go back up that hill”. My response was”You got to be kidding me”, which he wasn’t. I grumbled all the way up the hill, and told John that I forgave him because Jesus forgave me, and that is what I am supposed to do!!

with just 7 days of riding left I have developed a very painful case of shin splints in my left shin. It hurts like the dickens to push down on the peddle so I do most of the pushing with my right foot only. It slows me up considerably. I have ice on it tonight as I write this, I am taking Aleve, and I bought one those compression stockings, the kind old people wear, to wear tomorrow to help keep it from getting any worse.

The picture above is the Erie Canal and we rode on the trail next to it for half the day and will tomorrow as well.  The only problem is the trail is gravel and is way harder for me to pedal in. It is very pretty and historic and no traffic.

7 more days!!!!

love you all very much. Dee


5 thoughts on “Boy that was fun!!

  1. MarvDonna

    We have never been to the NE US! Native Oregonians, the both of us. Really don’t have a desire to see East of the Miss. — WHY? God put all the good stuff in Oregon. BUT we miss you very much! Hope the rest of your trip is the best of all!


  2. Lloyd

    Looking good! Did you need your passport to cross into Canada and back? Counting the days with you and praying for your shin and nose, and whatever other part(s) may be in jeopardy.


  3. Mike Wilde

    Bummer about the shin splints. Ice is good to reduce inflammation, Aleve too. Slow stretches in the morning, grabbing the outside of your foot and slowly twist the foot while stretching the leg helps but be gentle. Glad that you can forgive John, but remember, you have a map as well! Proud of you, Dee! You are on a roll now having removed the one from around your waist!



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