imageThis is a picture of us crossing the “Peace Bridge” into Canada from Buffalo, New York.  This was a super scary experience! Thee sidewalk that we rode on was 2 feet wide, the wind was blowing sideways to us at least a bazillion miles per hour, the trucks roaring by created monster back drafts besides shaking the bridge like a major earthquake, but we made it across, Hallelujah!!!

Wow, my, oh my! Look at that picture. I have lost all my hair on this bike trip!! Must be the traffic. And look at that, the bicycle helmet has made grooves in my forehead! Boy, I hope those go away after awhile.

we rode 80 miles today, and it was a very pleasant day with sunshine, but cool, with just enough tail wind to make pedaling relatively easy.

The traffic in a Buffalo was very heavy, but we got through it with no bad experiences. A school bus pulled up next to us at at a stop light, opened her door and started asking about our trip, happens all the time. I was thinking we should have made shirts that had ” From Oregon” on the back in big letters and “To Maine” on the front. We stop and check our maps regularly to figure out where to turn and when we do often someone comes up and offers to help us. John usually says, “we are fine”, but I say, ” we are lost!”. Today a very friendly lady offered to help and she noticed my peeling nose and she put her finger on the end of my nose and said, “you be sure and put some sun screen on that nose” and I dutifully promised her I would. John said he thought she was hitting on me , whatever that means.

8 more riding days left!!! We called a bike shop and made an appointment for them to box our bikes per airline requirements for $50. They are close to the airport and getting a taxi from there with our bikes and stuff will be easy. We are planning on going out the night before we leave and having Lobster for dinner. I will take a picture of the big boy before I eat him!

love you all very much. Dee

1 thought on “Canada

  1. Erik Frisk

    Pastor Dee, I’ve been reading about your epic journey every day. You are setting a great example for us to follow of relentless and determined pursuit of a difficult goal, and how to overcome huge obstacles. Thank you for the inspiration!

    You’re almost there! We’ll see you soon!



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