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    1. deefduke Post author

      Yes, I will. I have been so tired when we have gotten camp set I have forgotten. I will start taking lots of pictures in the next couple of days when I get toughened up a bit.



    Pastor Dee:

    I was one of the very blessed people who sat under your teaching in Halifax. You provided so much valuable information that I will spend the next several months re-reading, listening and applying all that you taught. I want to learn to have God’s ear as you do. Thank you for taking your years of experience and putting them in teachable format for us. Your Father may have been the best story teller since Adam, but you have now taken first place with his passing. Words cannot express my gratefulness. I am blessed to know that as Christ followers we will all be in eternity together. My heart is for the lost and my two children and three unsaved sisters are at the top of my list. Your Sister in Christ, Deb Beck


  2. Pastor Sasha Nyanchoka


    Praise God,

    Pastor Dee,

    Greetings to you the servant of God.

    God is calling you equipping you preparing you according to His purposes it can delayed not denied .God will come through for you.

    Pastor , keep faith,refuse to give up.the best it yet to come. always remember that there is an arm that never gets tired of lifting you up.

    God will hold you and will never let you down.let each day of your life be filled with His love and blessings.

    God,s plan is always the best sometimes the process is painful and hard., but don,t forget that when God is silent ,he is doing something great for you.

    The Lord will fight for you,you need only be still.

    Every time you kneel down to pray the devil looses the battle.

    Life is a journey fall of obstacle.

    Fight for what is right, fight for what you were called for. fight of what,s important to you. fight for the people you love. fight for your dreams and fulfill it.

    God is saying to you today, i will never send you into a situation alone.
    God promise is that i go before you.

    I am standing beside you whatever situation you are facing now, be confidence that i am with you.

    Those who will listen and accept the call, receive salvation for their soul.

    Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven-through you.

    Everything happens for a reason.

    That place where you are, you are there for a reason.

    May God go before you this week and make the rough roads smooth.may His joy be your strength and His peace fill your heart.


    On that day it will not matter how popular you are, the riches and possessions you have acquired will be meaningless.

    Our opinion ,culture, race, learners or religion does not matter before the Lord.

    In that day only a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is all that will matter.
    If you face a mountain today draw your strength from the Lord.think of Goliath, Joshua against the wall of Jericoh , Daniel in the lions Den.

    When God pushes you to the edge trust Him fully, because only two things can happen.either He will catch you when you all or He will teach you how to fly.

    No matter what the devil and His agents are planing against you not work, they will never succeed because the fire of the Holy spirit of God.

    God is saying before you that today the pain will end.tears will stop

    Doors will open. A reason of miracles and blessings is on the horizon don,t give up, living for others is a rule of nature, we were all born to help each other.

    Trees do not eat their own fruits.the sun does not shine for itself and flowers do not read their fragrance for themselves.

    We believe in partnership for the word of God, working together will bring Spiritual growing in the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ

    Greet your family and the church you shepherd.

    Be blessed.

    Thank you,

    Pastor Sasha Nyanchoka



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