Break down

imageimageWe rode on this trail that follows the Erie cancel for about 50 miles today, and did a total of 86 miles today. We are presently camped at “Lake Bluff Campground” outside of Huran, New York that overlooks Lake Ontario. When we got here at 7 pm those in the office were gone and there was a note to pick a place and we could pay in the morning. Found a nice spot close to the bathrooms, but when we went to use the bathroom we found it took a key that they gave out at the office that was closed. So we had no way to go to the bathroom or take a shower! There was a lady walking by so I began sharing with her what we were doing, and our dilemma . She said she had an extra one and loaned hers to us. Boy, that shower felt so good!!

John’s bicycle had a major breakdown today. The cable that runs the rear derailer broke. He managed to fix it by pulling the end down and fastening it on the derailer. The problem is he only has a couple of gears now. He can limp by with this for a little while, but will cause major slowing down. There is a bike shop on the way tomorrow about noon so we are hoping that they have the part and would be willing to fix it for us while we eat lunch 🙂

my leg injury stayed about the same. Hurts like the dickens but I can still pedal, so I think we will make it.

We have 6 days left. Love you all very much, dee


5 thoughts on “Break down

  1. Jesse Kampfer

    It is really beautiful country you are heading through right now. Hearing about your adventures each day has been something to look forward to each day! Wishing you would head down the eastern seaboard and come back the southern root for more stories!!


  2. Robyn Paege

    Hi Dee, I am wondering if the leg injury you are speaking of is the shin splints you spoke of a day or two ago? If that is the case I may have a quick fix and worth a try. Try sitting on ground with legs extended straight out in front of you and have John put one hand on the knee of the affected leg to keep it from bending, then with his fist, run his knuckles up and down the shin of the leg with shin splints. This hurts! I had a Chiropractor do this for me, it worked and I do a modified version on my own if I even think I am getting shin splints. Also, stretch, stretch, stretch. OK, nurse Robyn over and out. Praying for safe journey and John’s bike fix, the shin splints will be gone as well. Take care, see you when you get back.


  3. Cyndee Ross

    I am wondering how many break pads you guys have worn through on your trip? Or have you lost count…. It’s absolutely a blessing that you’ve had so few troubles with your bikes! And it is just amazing that your bodies are doing so well too. God made a good design didn’t He??!! Praying for a great last few ‘daze’ on the bike trail!!



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