Back to the hills

Yesterday we biked 75 miles and started into the Adirondack’s, so the hill climbing is back. We have 2 big, long grades to go up today that are 4 or 5 miles long. The Adirondack’s are famous for the “colors” in the Fall as the leaves change and we are right at the beginning of that. We have already seen some beautiful scenery and we are just entering the mountains. The next four days will be tough going, but we only have 5 days of biking left, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting bright. We stayed at Redfield, New York and are planning on going 75 miles today to Raquette Lake to a camp ground.

We stopped at a bike shop yesterday and got John’s bike fixed good as new, and my “Shin Splints” are not getting any worse and are “bearable”, sort of the “grin and bear it” category. I will be able to finish strong, and will try not to whine to much!!

love you all very much, Dee

2 thoughts on “Back to the hills

  1. Robin Lee Klopfenstein

    Pastor Duke, Good to hear you are still on the road. I’ve been praying for you and I’m sure you are learning lots and lots of patience. Beautiful pictures of God creation. Thanks for sharing. Love you, Living for Jesus, Robin


  2. Laurie Goldman

    Pastor Dee, your Patty is the light at the end of that tunnel. Pedal, pedal, pedal! Thanks so much for sharing the answers to prayer. 🙂



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