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Dee’s Bicycle Ride day #31a

I have an app on my IPad that I use to plot and plan each days ride. Once it is all done and downloaded it produces an “Elevation Profile” that gives you a picture of the day in terms of elevation. The elevation heights are labeled on the side, though you probably can’t see those, but from that you can figure the climbing you will be doing the next day. It also has color coding on it that you can’t see either, which indicates the percent of grade. Anything marked “red” means bad news, 10 % or more, anything marked blue is 8% to 10% grade, and anything marked in green means 2% to 6% grade, and tan is under 2%. I down load it on my phone as well, and all during the day there is a blue dot on the profile and the route that tells me where I am so I can breath easy or start to sweat based on what is ahead. I have often thought about “chucking” the app and just being surprised by what the next day brings in way of challenges. The problem with knowing what is coming the next day is that it produces an anxiety about how hard it will be, and if I can do it.

I have often wondered what it would be like to get a personal prophecy from God on what’s coming tomorrow, next week, next month, and maybe even a year. I could get a lot of premeditated planning in, and it seems like that would improve my performance in every area of life tremendously. But I suspect my real motive is just a heightened sense of being in control of my own life. My favorite part of these bicycle trips is planning out every detail of the trip, but once we get started most of it changes anyway, as new information and events unfold, but I keep planning anyway.

In the midst of the planning, setting goals, and dreaming that I do a high percentage of my time I often let out a big sigh, and think or even audibly say, “Thank You Lord, for being the one who really plans my life and directs my steps!” “I can’t wait for the adventures to come!” Proverbs 16:9. The mind of man plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps.

Dee’s Bicycle Ride day#31

one of the enjoyable things about a trip like this are the other bicyclers we meet and hearing their stories. This fellow’s name is Tony Bruno and he can’t hear or speak. We have met up with him several times on the trip, and I think I mentioned that I wished I had thought of getting his email, well the next time we saw him I did, so now I can stay connected. He has been riding his bicycle none stop for the last 4 plus years going all over the country, location mostly dictated by the weather. He has 4 panniers on his bike and is pulling a trailer loaded down with stuff as well. He doesn’t stay in campgrounds that cost money, he just usually just pulls off the road at a secluded place to camp. We see his bike in front of various restaurants along the way where he sits in the foyer or outside using their internet service.

We met another guy yesterday with a similar story, this guy could hear and talk fine so I heard much of his story. He has been on the road living on his bicycle for 7 years. He was riding a recumbent Trike pulling a cart that was his bed with panniers all over his bike. He had a dog in his cart so he had some company.

We also met two guys who are bicycling to the East coast and camped in the same campground two nights in a row. Tom offered to take their panniers and gear in the motorhome so that going up to that 9600 foot summit would be easier and they gladly took him up on that.

In a couple of days we will connect with the “TransAmerica” route that thousands of bicyclists follow each year so we should see a bunch more riders after that.

Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #30 part 3

As you can see from the pictures, today was a very beautiful ride. At times we were riding in what was almost a tunnel because the rock walls went up so straight and high. I stopped about every 100 feet or so for a picture or two or three. This whole area is the “creators” masterpiece as an artist. It is like walking into an art gallery that is owned and run by the one who is the artist.

Dee’s Bicycle Trip day#30 part 2

I can pedal up a 6% grade all day, but I can only last about 10minutes on a 8% grade, and about 10 seconds on a 10% grade, and most of the Climb today was 8, 10, and even some 14% grade so of the 20 miles of climbing I walked 8 miles of it. I walk pushing my bike up these steep grades at a speed of 2.5 mph so the 8 miles that I walked took a little over 3 hours, which is why it took 11 hours to complete the 66 miles

Dee’s Bicycle Ride day#30

Today we rode 66 miles and we climbed about 5,000 feet up to this pass in the picture at 9,600 feet. This is the new “hardest day” for this trip for me, and also it is the highest pass I have gone over on my Bicycle. When I finally made it to camp after riding for 11 hours I was “toast”. In fact I was pretty sure I was going to fall over dead right after this picture was taken. But instead I rode 26 more miles, mostly down hill,to camp. We are in the town of Torrey, Utah, staying at 1000 Lakes Campground. I am not sure why they call it that because I haven’t seen any lakes.

Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #29

InhaveA few pictures from our ride today which was very beautiful. We rode 48 miles that was about half and half up and down. It is a lot work climbing those hills but a great rush going down. Our last down hill lasted for over an hour. It wasn’t super steep, but steep enough so we could cruise along at 15 to 20 mph without pedaling at all. We came from 7,600 feet to 5,600 feet right into camp. One of the uphills was so steep I had to get off and walk, pushing my bike. That is the first time I have had to do that. I walked for over a mile trying to keep from bashing my shin into the pedal that is on the left side of the bike. Tomorrow is going to be a doozy. We are going 67 miles to Torrey and in between is a summit that is 9,500 feet high, that is just under what those who climb Mt Hood do. I hope it isn’t to hot. So far, no flat tires or any kind of bike problems which seems like a miracle considering all that we have had happen in past rides. I am so tired I keep falling asleep while I am writing this. Then I wake up and see that I have 5 lines of jjjjjjjjj’s on my blog where my hand rested on the keyboard.

Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #28b

Today we rode to Bryce Canyon, and we are camping at Ruby’s RV Campground. Our plan was to get here and then peddle around on some of the bike trails to see all the wonderful scenery. We saw some but shortly after we got started it began to rain and hail with thunder and lightning so we headed for camp. Tomorrow on our way to our next camp sight we will take time to ride the side paths that take off of the main road that we will be on, and see the sights and take lots of pictures. The scenery that we saw today was amazing.

Dee’s Bicycle Trip day #28

one of the main concerns on a Bicycle Trip like this is, not getting hit by a car or truck. I am pretty sure it is going to hurt for awhile unless I get killed. Many of the roads have no shoulder so the cars and trucks go by really close, sometimes literally inches away. A lot of the drivers think that Bicycle riders have come from another planet and are plotting to take over the world, at least their State. So when I see a sign like this it makes me feel happy all over my body. I am thinking of having a t-shirt made with this put on the back.