Read the Bible

I read 14 chapters each day in the Bible. My goal is 12 but I almost always read 14 so I am going to change my goal. I read 2 chapters in the Old Testament, Genesis through Malachi, minus Psalms and Proverbs. That gets me through the Old Testament once a year. I read 5 chapters in Psalms each day, getting me through Psalms every month. I read 1 chapter each day in Proverbs and because there is 31 chapters in Proverbs I read it through each month. I read 2 chapters in the gospels, then Acts and Revelation. That gets me through those six books four times in the year. I read 4 chapters each day in the Epistles, Romans through Jude, and I get through them every month. That reading schedule seems like a lot but I can read it easily in 45 minutes. Reading the Epistle, Psalms and Proverbs every month and the Gospel, Acts and Revelation four times a year and the Old Testament once, is a lot of Bible that will transform your thinking. I also spend one hour every day memorizing Bible verses and meditate on them. That discipline not only gets God’s Word down into my heart but it improves my memory and my ability to think and ponder and solve problems. Make a goal to read every day. Figure out a plan and schedule and only compromise on the schedule for things that matter. The people who keep their plan are those in an accountability group. I have a goal of starting six new groups this year.

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