Home from Fishing

This an old picture. I didn’t catch any fish today, but I promised you I would show you a picture of a fish so I dug this one out. Today was a good day. It didn’train, it was relatively warm, there was hardly any other boats on the river, and the fellowship was great.

I enjoy fishing very much so I fish every chance I get and as often as I can. Why? Because I enjoy the challenge of catching fish. Fishing is the activity, catching is the reward. I enjoyed today because the challenge and the reward are intact, but if I went fishing 20 times and caught no fish the reward would be gone and the challenge as well, and I would quit fishing.

I ride my stationary bike most nights for an hour because the health benefits are real and measurable. I read my Bible every day and memorize and meditate on scripture because of the huge rewards that come into my life for that activity. Identifying the rewards in life helps us prioritize our activities in life and to stay motivated.

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