Daily Dozen Disciplines and Duties

A Discipline is something that our flesh doesn’t like to do, the devil is going to make his best effort to keep us from doing it, but it is extremely important that we stay faithful to these disciplines for the sake of our spiritual growth, our relationship with the Lord, and our accomplishments for the Lord. In each of these disciplines, I have made a goal and I read them every day to keep me motivated to successfully do each one of them every day.

1. Read the Bible. My goal is to read 14 chapters every day.

2. Spend thirty minutes by myself praying for people in JBC, Agape, lost friends, missionaries, the government, and my family.

3. Spend thirty minutes minimum in memorizing scripture verses and meditating on them.

4. Read 20 pages in a good book, so that I can remain a learner and a thinker all of my life.

5. Listen to a podcast or a audio recording of a good sermon.

6. Write in my journal about discoveries about myself and life that will help me grow. Also to use my writing in my journal as a time of personal confession of sin.

7. Write my blog everyday. I pray and ask God to give me a special anointing from Him so that I write well, and that many would take the time to read it.

8. Read my goals. I have 75 goals but many of them are goals that I write every year that I put on the list of my goals because I show my goals to lots of people to motivate them to set goals, so mine are a model and and example for them. So the number of goals that I write out to read every day is about 40.

9. Exercise by either riding my stationary bike or lifting weights for one hour every day. This discipline is super important to keep my Parkinson’s under control.

10. Pray my prayer of commitment every morning presenting myself to the Lord as my Lord and me as His servant, and asking for wisdom and strength to serve Him well.

11. Write my “todo” list for the next day.

12. Tell Patty I love her five times every day, spend time talking with her, and go on a date twice each month.

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