2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 43

19 days left and this trip is over. I certainly will be glad to see Patty and all of you and sleep in my own bed, but I will miss the simplicity of life, the long hours of solitude, the all day exercise, and being immersed in God’s creation. The whole trip has been good and a great experience and adventure.

Today we rode 61 miles and it was mostly flat and very comfortable. It was wide open spaces with antelope in every direction you looked. We are camped tonight in Lander, Wyoming, and I am sitting in the city library typing this blog and writ8ng some other letters and stuff. I am sitting in this very comfortable chair and I keep falling asleep.

Tomorrow we will have a hard day of riding. It will be 82 miles and it is all uphill going up over 5,000 feet in elevation.

1 thought on “2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 43

  1. Beverlee Hilton

    I know how you feel about ending a nice long vacation, or trip you really enjoy. We always have to come back to reality, but its fun to get away, and necessary. Keep having fun Dee.



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