2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 43a

Most nights, we stay at campgrounds. There are private campgrounds, county and State campgrounds, and city parks and campgrounds. We have also stayed in four churches that have opened their doors to bicycle riders doing the Trans Am. The churches have been the best place to stay; they have showers, a kitchen, lots of room, and they are free. Of the campgrounds, the private RV campgrounds are the best. We park the pickup and trailer in the RV spot and set up our tents on the grass next to it or some time on gravel, which works because we have good pads. The State and County campgrounds often don’t have showers, pit toilets, and sometimes no electricity which makes it hard to charge our batteries. Also the private RV campgrounds usually have very nice showers and bathroom facilities. Tonight we are staying at a private RV campground called “The Sleeping Bear” and probably has the nicest bathrooms we have stayed at yet. They have six rooms and each one has a shower, a toilet, a sink, a bench, chair, and lots of room. They vary a great deal in price so we do a lot of negotiating. The place we are at tonight charged us $35 for all of us, which for as nice as it is, is a very good price. We are paying $70 tomorrow night at a KOA campground which are always nice and usually have a swimming pool and hot tub. I have several Apps on my Ipad that have every campground in the USA in them, and one that shows the “Hostels”, the churches, individuals, and businesses that provide a place for bicyclists to stay. One of the reasons we will have a fifty mile ride one day followed by an 80 miler is because of the placement of the campsites. We have gotten pretty efficient now in getting everything set up and then taking it down again in the mornings.

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