2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 42

We are camping tonight in a church in Jeffery City, Wyoming. The town has a population of 35 people. It used to be a big, booming town when the local uranium mine was in total production, but when it closed, the city shrunk to local ranchers and a few businesses to support them. The church is all set up for bicyclers with six rooms with beds, showers, and a full kitchen in the basement, and all for free. There is a little cafe in town, and they told us we could come up tonight at 7:00 pm and watch the Warriors – Celtics game on their big screen; wow, how good is that.

I am always thinking about weaknesses and character flaws that I need to work on and grow in, and asking God to help me see them in events that happen in my life. In a conversation with another bicyclist who is doing the same trip as we are he made fun of me because I was riding an “e-bike”. I wanted to come back with a smart reply to put him in his place, but I couldn’t think of anything to say back. Later as I was riding I said, “ thank You Lord for pointing out my problem with pride,” you would think that with the huge number of similar events like that, that I would be the most humble man on earth, but no, it is a very slow growth process for me to become a person who walks humbly with his God. “

All of my five flat tires came from the wire in truck tires. There are pieces of tires that are all along the road, and they get driven over many times, and the wire breaks off into little one-inch pieces that get embedded in my bicycle tire.
Riding a bicycle all day makes you hungry!

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