2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 39

There are only 22 days left 😢😢😢. I am always sad to see theses trips end, but they do, everything does sooner or later, except our life after death, that will never end, we will either be in heaven or hell, forever.

Today was a beautiful scenery day with mountains, mountain meadows, big open spaces, rivers and creeks. We saw antelope, elk, deer, a couple of moose, and a beaver. We traveled 76 miles with a couple of hills to climb, but not real bad ones. There was a little tail wind, no head wind, no dogs, no mosquitos, no rain, overcast so relatively cool and comfortable, no rumble strips, and fairly light traffic with careful and polite drivers. We are in Cowdrey, Colodado tonight and tomorrow we will be in Wyoming..

I am feeling good physically and slept really good last night. I have even lost 15 pounds so far. Today I was thinking as I was riding that I don’t want to lose my physical conditioning that this trip has brought about. I am thinking that I will start running again, and I know myself well enough to know that I have to have a goal and an upcoming event to motivate me. I think I am going to register for the half Marathon in Albany on November 24th, Thanksgiving day, “Gobbler’s Revenge.” If anybody wants to run it with me let me know.

A couple of moose
The red is for bicycle only, pretty cool.

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