2022 Bicycl Trip – Day 40

There are just 22 days left in this bicycle trip, my oh my, how the days have flown. I have already been thinking about next year’s trip. I have now done three coast to coast trips. The first was across the Northern States and the second was across the Southern States and this one has been across the middle. They have all been fun and a great way to see the country. One of the trips we did a few years ago was from Jefferson to the Grand Canyon then to Yellowstone and then back home. It was probably my favorite trip in terms of scenery. I want to do another “out and back” kind of trip, so I am thinking about a circular journey that would take approximately 30 to 40 days. On this trip, we have averaged 70 miles a day, but I am thinking that next year, we will average 60 miles a day with no day being over 70 miles. I am getting older, you know! I will also schedule a rest day on Sunday and plan on attending a local church.

We are in Wyoming tonight so we have now bicycled through Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado with Montana, Idaho and Oregon to come.

Tonight we are in Saratoga and they have a hot Springs that goes from 104 degrees up to 120 degrees with a creek nearby to cool off in.

1 thought on “2022 Bicycl Trip – Day 40

  1. Jay Goold

    Hey Pastor Dee,
    Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us “Non Bikers!” I very much enjoy hearing of you and your teams adventures. Keep up the great work, Day 40, you’re getting closer! Any chance you’ll be coming through Pocalello? We’ve got a nice hot tub here for y’all! We could fire up the grill and Bbq your favorite meal. Probably a long shot but thought I’d ask! I love you brother, be safe and let me know.



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