2022 Bicycle Ride – Day 36

Today the scenery is gorgeous as we have entered the Rockie Mountains.

As I wrote yesterday we are camped at 10,000 feet tonight at Fairplay, Colorado, and tomorrow we will ride all day with that view or better. Tomorrow we will be in Kremmling, Colorado camping at 7,000 feet so we get to go down 3,000 feet on our bicycles tomorrow. The descent takes place over 40 miles so it won’t be ripping fast speeds but I bet I don’t do much pedaling for that 40 miles.

I got pretty sick last night, diarrhea all night and an upset stomach. We went and ate at a Bar and Grill last night and I ate a huge Patty Melt and fries, but feeling better tonight.

We haven’t had too much in the way of excitement the last two days. Everybody’s bike seems to be working well but I had another flat tire bringing the total to five for the trip.

65 miles today with a lot of climbing and 82 miles tomorrow with 20 miles of climbing at the start and then gradual downhill the rest of the way in camp.

2 thoughts on “2022 Bicycle Ride – Day 36

  1. Danny Houser

    I’ve driven through Fair Play several times.
    I use to live in Divide Co. Over 9000 ft.
    It’s beautiful country your traveling thru Pastor Dee. Be safe.


  2. Beverlee Hilton

    10,000 feet high is really high Dee. Sometimes the height will even make a person sick. Such beautiful pictures. I can see the cars stay a good distance from the bikers. Wow, 5 flat tires. Keep having fun.



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