2022 Bicycle Ride – Day 26

Today the ride was 67 miles from Chanute to Eureka, Kansas. We are staying in a local motel instead of camping because of the heavy rain. The place where we were intending to camp was the city park, but they have no showers, electricity, or WiFi, and there were no other campgrounds or facilities around. The nice thing about these small-town motels is that they are inexpensive and because the town is on the transAmerica Route they are very friendly and accommodating to bicyclists. For the next 6 days we have flat terrain to ride on, and hopefully, the monsoons end soon.

I mentioned this before, but one of the highlights of this trip is all the friendly people we have encountered, especially in these small country towns. Almost every day we will stop at a small restaurant about noon for a coke and sandwich and almost always will get in great conversations with local people who are very interested in what we are doing.

I have mentioned in the past that on these bicycle trips my Parkinson’s almost totally goes away, but that has not been the case on this trip for some reason. I am fine while riding but at night it has gotten worse with the main consequence being that I can’t sleep. I started sleeping in the pickup with the seat back because I don’t role over or move much. My muscles get very rigid when I don’t move and then when I do role over the muscle pain that I feel wakes me up with a start. I envision it like my muscles being water and when I don’t move they turn to ice, and then when I do move the ice cracks.

Sometimes when I lay there at night frustrated and weary because of little sleep, I think about the people in our church who I have been praying for who have cancer, MS, and a variety of other health issues way worse than mine, and I thank the Lord for my incredible life, amazing blessings, super family, and the world’s best church family.

The main thing that I praise the Lord for is the total confidence and faith that sometime soon (at least within 30 years) I will be with the Lord with an incomprehensible and amazing new body, and in the meantime I will rejoice and not grumble, whine, or feel sorry for myself.

The steepest hill that I went up yesterday, Sunday. A Kansas Mountain!
We biked on this road for 35 miles and it was straight as a string the entire time.
Occasionally we get to ride on a road like this with three-foot shoulders and no rumble strips, so nice!
Tom Zilverberg on his new recumbent bike. Way more comfortable seat because your legs are out in front of you when peddling, and lots of push power with your back supported so hill climbing is a breeze but he struggles to keep up with us on the flats. He still has some issues with the back brakes but we are gradually getting the bugs worked out.
Off Cliff and Kathy go ahead of me.

2 thoughts on “2022 Bicycle Ride – Day 26

  1. Ken Bentz

    Pastor Dee. Tho I know you’re an inspiration to all of us you are a HERO to those of us with like physical challenges. We are newbies and in trying to find a church (post political shutdowns) we heard about JBC. After hearing your story one Saturday nite a few month’s ago, I looked at my wife and with a few tears said, “Are we done looking?” She said YES! I don’t expect you to remember us but my wife has PD also. It’s been a rough 2 years with masks, closures, distancing and fear; All the things we parkies don’t need! Thank you for doing this. We’ve ridden many of those trails (on a motorcycle) and had the same experience with Midwest people. They’re unique! We stay active with walking, exercise and boxing. This trip has really inspired her. Be safe and know you’re in our prayers. To the journey…

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