2022 Bicycle Trip- Day 27

Day 27! You have got to be kidding me! It seems like we just started, but on the other hand, I can’t remember much of what we did and saw in the first week! Whooooeeeeeee in a couple of days we will be half done, and I am just now getting in shape,

It has rained over four inches last night, and it is still raining. We are at a church tonight, and we are going to hang around here all day tomorrow until the worst of this storm passes, Zion Lutheran Church in Hutchinson, Kansas.

Eddie and Jeanette DeHaven used to attend JBC and Eddie’s Dad and Mom still attend. Eddie got a job in Wichita, Kansas, three years ago, and they are going to come and visit us tonight; they are bringing dessert😀

About four blocks from the church is a bicycle shop, so we took Cliff’s and Tom’s bikes in. Cliff’s bike got a new rear cassette that was worn badly and a new tire, the old one was bald. Tom is getting new rear brakes installed. My bike is working like a charm.

Because we are taking a day off tomorrow Cliff, Dave, and I are going to go to a “Buffalo Hot Wings” place where they have giant screen TV’s and we are going to watch the NBA playoff game between the Golden State Warriors and the Dallas Mavericks.

This morning Tom went to the grocery store and fixed us bacon, eggs, and hash browns!

The basement of the Luthern Church. They had bathrooms, power, a kitchen, and plenty of room for pads and sleeping bags.
Eddie and Jennifer DeHaven came to visit with cheesecake and great topping.
Flat tire. I have only had two so far. Piece of broken glass was the culprit.
Somebody is taking my picture! I growled at them.

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