2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 25

Today was the easiest, most relaxed day of biking we have had to this point. There were some hills, but they were so gradual that I didn’t shift down at all, in fact I hardly ever was out of my highest gear today. The traffic was minimal, and we had a little bit of a tailwind for most of the day. Oh, and we only rode 56 miles. It was so easy that we are counting it a rest day. I like bicycling in Kansas. It was sunny but cool, almost cold. We are camping in the city park of Chanult, Kansas. It isn’t the nicest place we have camped but it is free. The forecast is for a bunch of rain in the next three days😫🥺😢 I had more pictures but the cell coverage is so weak that it wouldn’t send them.

Kansas has these road signs regularly. I love them. Almost everyone has obeyed this law since we started the trip. It would be nice if Oregonians did.

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