2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 8

Today, Thursday, May 5th was a great day of bicycling. Only 60 miles, with half the hill-climbing that we have had so far, no head wind, a Subway sandwich place right at noon, no rain, and amazing beauty as we continued down the Appalachian mountains. We are camping at the Riverside Campground near Abingdon, Virginia tonight.

If you didn’t know we are bicycling a designated bicycle route called the “TransAmerica“. It was established by a bicycle association called, “ Adventure Cycling” in 1976. There are road signs along the entire route with “76” on them, check out the picture. It was planned and routed on mostly country roads often with no white or orange lines painted on them with minimal traffic. Again, check the picture. Because so many people have bicycled this route ever since the exact year I started Pastoring in Jefferson people along the route are very bicycle-friendly. People mowing their yards wave, campgrounds are extra accommodating and friendly, restaurants, and gas stations are all enthusiastic about meeting us and hearing our story.

3 thoughts on “2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 8

  1. Laura DeHaven

    We are enjoying reading about the trip, seeing the photos, and getting the location updates. Stay safe all of you!


  2. Bev Hilton

    Gee, Dee, you are missing all our wonderful RAIN. looks like for the next ten days. Don’t you feel bad missing it. Enjoy your sunshine for all of us.



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