2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 9

Poured rain today!!! And there is a tornado warning for our area! That would be a new adventure. Today was another hill climbing day. We had over 6,000 feet of climbing in 67 miles. My “ride gps” program said that we climbed 8 major peaks and some as steep as 15 % in spots with an average of 11 %. Under 3000 Ft is fairly easy, 4,000 takes more energy, 5,000 is serious, and anything over 6,000 is pure pain. We have three 6,000-foot days on this trip, the one today, tomorrow and a third in the Rockies.

We are camping in “The Breaks” tonight and is called the Grand Canyon of the Appalachians. Gorgeous scenery all day-to-day and especially here in camp.

It was raining so hard when we got to the campground that we decided to rent some rooms in the lodge and sleep on a real bed tonight. We even went to the lodge restaurant and had fried catfish, and baked potatoes with ice cream for dessert.

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