2022 Bicycle Trip – Day 7

We did’t have Wi-Fi where we were last night so this is the blog for May 4th, yesterday. Yesterday was a hard day of of bicycling. We road 67 miles with a bunch of rollers and hills and we also had a nasty headwind of 10 mph most of the day. I hate headwinds!

We camped at a Virginia State park last night called Racoon branch and we had a great camp fire for most of night.

When we get done with this ride I will have ridden my bicycle in every State in the Unitrd States, and I have ranked all the States on how bicycle-friendly they are.

Up until this trip I had ranked Florida as the best state to ride a bicycle in, but now Virginia has taken first place. It isn’t necessarily because they are friendly but everybody seems to know how to drive around bicycles. Bicycles are legal residents of the road with laws governing how to inhabit the same roads with them. The easiest way to understand those laws is to imagine a bicycle as a tractor pulling a plow. If you came up behind them you would wait until it was clear to go around them safely. You for sure wouldn’t pass when another car was coming in the other lane from the opposite direction. Every car that has passed me in the last four days in Virginia has slowed down, passed when it was clear, never passing when another car was coming from the opposite direction, and always passed at least three feet away from me. Nobody yelled, stomped on the gas when beside me, or any other rude things. I got lots of waves, honk honks, great conversation at stops, and camp grounds as people asked us about our trip. The worst State is Texas and Oregon is in the top ten of the worst States.

Some major relational principles in the Bible are, “always treat people the same way you want to be treated.” “

“Put others needs, interests, and values ahead of your own.”

“ Be patient, even if you are in a hurry

It seems that most of those in Virginia know those principles.

Everybody is doing good. No more wrecks or break downs yet. Dave who is doing the driving was unfamiliar on how to back a trailer so I have been backing it whenever there was a need, and in cramped campgrounds there is always the need to back the trailer. When we got into camp this afternoon Dave had already backed the trailer in the camping spot perfectly.

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