2022 Bicycle Ride – Day 6

I and others have done long-distance bicycle ride for ten years now, and on everyone, we have scheduled rest days anywhere from every five days to once per week and one trip we did every ten days. But because I was in such a time crunch, we didn’t schedule any for this trip. My plan at the beginning of the planning for this trip was that we would rotate drivers of our support vehicle so that it would be rest enough with five bikers taking turns to drive. But Dave Kennedy volunteered to go along and be our designated driver. I decided I would take a rest day once a week and ride with Dave anyway. Otherwise, I would start getting too fatigued to enjoy the trip. Yesterday was such an energy-draining day, I decided to take a day off from riding today, and it has been refreshing. It was an excellent day to take off because we Just had a major thunderstorm that dumped a bunch of rain. When it rains here, it gets black quickly, then deafening thunder and lightning and then a deluge for 15 minutes, then it quits, and the sun comes out. And an hour or two later it does it again.

Cliff, Kathy, and Terri are still riding and will have about 70 miles done when they get into camp.

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