How Far Have You Gone?

In less than two months, I am leaving on a 4,000 mile, 60-day bicycle trip from coast to coast with four other people. One of the daily questions and discussion points among us will be “how far have we gone?” and “how far do we have to go?” We have every day of the trip mapped out in detail and we will soon have every camp sight reserved. I have a little computer on my bicycle that I put the destination in every morning before we hit the road, and it tells me all day long how far we have pedaled and how far to camp. It estimates the time left based on past speeds. It also tells me how many feet I have climbed that day, what my top speed was, what my average speed was, what my total miles ridden since the beginning of the trip is, and how many miles left before we get home.

My two-fold purpose in life is to grow to be as much like Jesus Christ in character as is possible in the time I have left before I see Him face to face, and to accomplish as much with my life as possible before I stand before Him at the “Judgment Seat of Christ.” I renew my commitment to those life purposes every morning. What I wish is that I had some little computer that would tell me how am doing. How much did I grow in character, in maturity last week? Did I grow? How much have I accomplished with my life that matters, that Jesus will praise me for when I get to heaven. I love keeping track of progress, but it is so hard to know for sure in life.

I write in my journal several times each week examining my life, trying to discern my strengths, weaknesses, growth areas, accomplishments, sins, character flaws, and blind spots. But I know that it is very hard for us as people to be honest with ourselves, our heart is self-centered, biased, prideful, and very deceptive.

I want more than any other desire of my heart to hear Jesus say to me at the end of my life, “well done, good and faithful servant,” not “you wicked, lazy servant!”

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