52 Days!!

In 52 days I am leaving on a two-month, 4000-mile bicycle trip. The things that I need to get done before I leave are easily 90 days’ worth of work. How am I going to get everything done? I am not sure. When I had six months to go until I left it was hard to know how fast I needed to work to get everything done, but the closer the day of departure gets the more impossible the list becomes😫😫

As I was writing everything down tonight I have already started admitting some things will need to get moved to the “when I get back” list. In those 52 days there is three days of meetings with a bunch of pastors over at Seaside, there is the three-day marriage retreat that I will be teaching, there is the “five days of prayer” before Easter, there is an all day steelhead fishing trip to the Siletz River that is scheduled, there is the all day trip to Portland to go to the “Swap Meet”, someone gave me a bunch of firewood that will take a day to get, I need to get all my bicycle stuff, and camping gear checked out, organized, and packed, I need to study, write and prepare the four lessons for the marriage retreat, I have seven Wednesday night worship service sermons to write, I have 35 Leadership class lessons to give, six parenting class lessons to write, at least ten different people I need to meet with, I need to get 50 apple trees pruned, I estimate that I have 100 hours of work to finish the 1969 mustang restoration, which I really want to get done before I go for my grandson, Men’s Breakfast is in the morning, I need to take Patty out to dinner a couple of times before I go, and there is all the regular stuff that needs doing.

Your schedules are just as hectic as mine, maybe more hectic. So what do we do? So now that I have written everything down that needs doing except eating, sleeping, brushing my teeth etc. I am prioritizing the list, most important things at the top and putting as much as possible on the calender so each day I have a “to do” list all set.

The main thing during the next 52 days to remember is don’t get stressed, enjoy the pressure, do it all for the Lord, ask for His strength and wisdom every day, never get grumpy, give Patty all the time she wants, be faithful to all the basic spiritual disciplines, and rejoice everyday for such a great life.

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