I Know When Jesus is Coming Back

I don’t really, just seeing if the title would prompt more people to read my blog! But let’s pretend that God did give me a very clear revelation of the exact day and time when Jesus was coming back to take us all to heaven with him. Now that I have that information what am I going to do with it.

Maybe it would prompt more people to trust Jesus as their Savior if I told them when Jesus was coming back. In my witnessing to them I could tell them that if they didn’t trust Jesus as their Savior before He came back then they would spend eternity in hell. The problem is that there are quite a few people who already claim to know the date and time of Jesus return, just check YouTube, but nobody believes them. The same is true of Christians, if I would tell our church the date and time of Jesus return so that everyone would get excited about witnessing to lost people they wouldn’t believe me either. Probably because in sermons in the past I have said that if anyone comes to you with the time of Christ’s return don’t believe them, they are a nut case.

Well, I guess I will just use the information to motivate myself to live for Jesus and to witness faithfully. Do I really need to know that information to be motivated to serve Jesus with all my heart and to seek Him with all of my might? I shouldn’t need it, not if I am faithful and obedient.

OK, I guess I will be content not knowing exactly what God is going to do in the future, I know that I am in the family of God and headed for heaven, so I will call that good and choose to be highly motivated to live as a bright light and influence people every chance I get.

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