Serving the Lord

I have a lot of different ministries happening right now. I teach five different Leadership classes each week, I am preaching at our Wednesday night service each week, I am preaching at Buena Vista Community Church each Sunday morning, I am involved in five different accountability groups each week, I just volunteered to lead the Seniors ministry, I am leading and overseeing the “Small Group Ministry” in our church, I am working on and preparing to teach a two-day pastors seminar in January, I write a 300 to 500-word blog every day, I meet with 3 to 5 different people each week to talk about ministry, marriages, kids, jobs, etc., I am teaching for two hours this Saturday at the Men’s Conference, I am preaching two weekends in November while Pastor Mike goes to Africa to teach, I pray for every person that attends JBC every week, which takes about an hour every day, I work with the staff at JBC, and every night I pray and thank God for the privilege of serving Him and building His church. Then I asked Him for a little bit more to do.

Some people worry that I am going to burn out, but that will never happen, and here is why;

-I love doing ministry, I love serving the Lord, I love building His church, it is so fun being in the game and not on the bench.

-I never feel sorry for myself for being so busy, tired at the end of every day because serving the Lord is a great privilege and blessing that many don’t have. Many Christians are on the bench, many are bored out of their head just mowing their lawn, feeding their cat, and watching television.

– I thank the Lord every day for blessing me with so much to do for Him.

– I never grouse, complain, or grumble about others in our church who don’t do much. Ministry is a privilege not an obligation, it is a blessing not a burden. It would make as much sense as me saying, “Why do I have to eat all the ice cream! Look at Jude over there, he is not eating any ice cream!” Complaining and grumbling makes you tired, being thankful gives you passion.

– Every day I ask God for His strength and passion to do His work. God loves to give His power to those who ask for it and who are doing His work. Busy is not hard or tiring when you have supernatural energy from the infinitely powerful God.

– When I do well in ministry I thank God for giving me the strength, the wisdom, the giftedness, and for making me adequate as His servant. Pride short circuits God’s power, his joy, and future service.

-I constantly remind myself that God would not give me an opportunity to do something for Him without giving me the energy to do it, without giving me the resources to succeed at it, and without giving me the wisdom to build His church, His body, His Bride, and to glorify Him.

– I remind myself everyday that I am going to stand before Jesus at the end of my life, and He is going to reward me for everything that I have done for Him, and those rewards are going to be eternal and amazing.

– I take naps, I go fishing, I build cars, I bicycle, I spend time with my family, I hang out with friends at JBC, I sit in my hot tub, and I read my Bible every day.

Life is good, very good; God is good, very good. He loves me, and I love Him, and I love to sense His pleasure in me as His servant.

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