1969 Mustang

I am restoring a 1969 Mustang with one of my grandsons, and I am having a really good time. I am doing quite a bit of the work by myself of late, now that school has started, and Isaac has less time. I go out to my shop all times of the day usually for just 30 minutes of working time, at a time because of the business of my schedule. I was out there a couple of nights ago from midnight until 1:30 am. I am working on the engine, the brakes, the steering, the body, and the transmission and driveline. I have been falling asleep in my recliner while watching YouTube videos of some aspect of restoring a classic mustang, and I have learned a ton.

I think the reason I am enjoying this project so much is that it is such a major challenge. It was a total rust bucket when we got it, and every part of the car needs rebuilding. I am learning something new every day, and I am acquiring a dozen new skills.

As I work on the car I pretend that it is me and that I am God turning this pile of rusty nuts and bolts into a beautiful car. In the same way, God is in the process of transforming my life into a person who is holy and righteous like Jesus. Sometimes I will say out loud while working, “Lord, are You having as much trouble with me as I am having right now on this car?” “Please help me to cooperate with You as You transform me into something beautiful and valuable.”

I am having so much fun that I have started looking for another car that I can restore when we finish with this one. I am trying to find one that will be worth some money when I finish with it so I can sell it and make some money. I am getting a little faster and better in my rebuilding skills as I am getting plenty of practice.

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