Some Husbands are Bad Leaders

God has established areas of authority and submission in the world. The government is one area where there are Kings and Presidents who have authority over people, that authority comes from God. Pilate said to Jesus, “don’t you know that I have the authority to crucify you?” and Jesus responded by saying, “you have no authority other than what God has given you.” The authority God gives is over a given jurisdiction, no further. Today you see government attempting to exercise authority way beyond their God-given jurisdiction and the result is division, conflict, rebellion, and confusion. Another area of jurisdiction is business and commerce where you have bosses, employees, and a hierarchy of authority. Another area is the church. The last is the family. The family is the foundation of all other areas of authority and submission. God established the family first. Every area is set up by God with authority and submission and the person designated as the leader has God given authority within a jurisdiction. Humans because of the “Fall” have a pull towards power over others, a craving that is hard to control, and because of that craving for power leaders in every realm tend to abuse their God-given authority and move outside the jurisdiction that God has given them. The founding Fathers of the United States who wrote the Constitution understood that pull and established a government with checks and balances so that the abuse of power could be curtailed. The Bill of rights were added to the Constitution to limit the power of the government by establishing jurisdictions, and to guarantee personal freedom for the people.

There have always been bad leaders in every realm of life. Leaders have responsibility to protect, to maintain a unified community, and to influence positively, but many leaders are irresponsible and do little to benefit those who they are responsible for.

Leaders are also bad when the craving for power prompts them to move outside their jurisdiction. Some husbands think that being the leader makes them the boss, the lord of the house, over their wife and kids, and they become the dictator issuing “mandates.” loading it over those allotted to their charge.

Whenever leaders abuse their God-given authority, and begin to Lord it over people the result will be conflict, disunity, resentment, anger and rebellion.

A classic example of moving outside one’s jurisdiction was in the news recently.

“In the Virginia gubernatorial debate on Tuesday evening, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe insisted that parents should have no role in directing the education of their children.”

Presidents are leaders by God’s assignment, and employers, fathers, husbands, and pastors are as well. If those in roles of leadership find that those they are leading are angry, and there is little peace the wise thing for them to do would be to seek counsel and wisdom and adjust their leadership style recognizing that they are the problem. Very few leaders are that wise or humble. Everything rises and falls on leadership.

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