Jesus was baptized at approximately age 30, the Apostle Paul was baptized, the Church began in the book of Acts with 3000 people getting baptized, and the “Great Commission” given by Jesus minutes before He ascended into heaven commands the Church to baptize people as they make disciples, baptism is clearly the will of God for each of us as fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Yesterday we had JBC’s annual “Baptism at the Lake” with a big pot-luck, great worship, amazing testimonies by those getting baptized, and 20 baptisms. The weather was great, the food was delicious, the place where we hold the event at Talbot, Lake Charles, was beautiful and tremendously suited for this event, and the fellowship with all the people was sweet.

As I sat and listened to the testimonies of each person getting baptized and heard the stories of their unique journey’s with Christ, their trials, experience’s, and lessons learned I was amazed at the sovereign working of God in each person’s life to bring them to Himself and shape them into the image and likeness of Himself. It was a beautiful day and once again was my favorite day of the year.

If you want to be blessed watch the short video of our baptism service yesterday using the link below.

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