A principle of life is that change produces growth. If a business is going to grow it must change. If churches are going to grow they must change. If individuals are going to grow they must change. The more change that happens the faster they grow.

But often change doesn’t cause growth, it causes just the opposite. Why? We don’t like change as individuals or as groups. Change makes us anxious, afraid, and insecure about the future.

Churches can choose to change, plan change, and make goals to change, but change in churches often causes disunity which results in a sick church and decline. The leadership must lead well to maintain strong unity during the change process in the midst of the church family, and then growth happens, often very rapid growth.

Individuals can choose to change, plan changes, and set goals for change, but they can become so fearful in the process that all the positive, growth-causing elements of change are negated. Individuals must learn the skill of self-leadership so that they can pursue change with faith and confidence.

The stronger the leadership the more change can happen and the faster the growth. Because people don’t like change, they and the churches they attend choose not to change, but to stay in a rut, it is more secure to them.

God will then sovereignly make changes in order to produce growth, but if there isn’t good self-leadership and good church leadership growth won’t happen but decline.

For the last year we have had an incredible amount of change. Many people because they are good at leading themselves have managed the change in a healthy way and have grown tremendously. Many churches as well have grown more this last year than in any other year in their history because of solid and wise leadership.

The key element is trusting God. In the midst of the change God causes an important discipline is always rejoicing, never complaining.

A person who regularly and systematically sets goals to change, and rejoices always in the change God causes will grow rapidly. And churches that see change as a good thing and maintain strong unity will reach many people with the gospel.

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