I am headed up to Alaska on Saturday to go salmon fishing, and I am really excited about it, and looking forward to it very much. Some people say I am addicted to fishing. I am not sure exactly what that means so I googled it. According to one site there are obvious signs that fishing has moved beyond a hobby to an addiction, here are a few;

-you have more pictures of fish then grandkids.

I counted, it is a tie.

– the amount of money you spend on fishing equipment, fishing trips, and guide fees is greater than a car payment each month.

I don’t have a car payment and what I spend on fishing isn’t quite as much as my house payment, so I think I am fine.

– You remember the date of upcoming fishing trips more successfully than your wife’s birthday or your wedding anniversary.

That one isn’t fair!

-You get up in the middle of the night and watch YouTube video’s of fishing shows.

Only when I can’t sleep.

I read where they use fishing as a remedy to help people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, it is called “replacement treatment.” Addiction to fishing is so much stronger than addiction to drugs or alcohol that it replaces it.

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