Shoveling Gravel

Today I am shoveling gravel into a wheelbarrow and pushing it down our driveway and filling potholes. We have a long gravel driveway and about this time of year it gets about a million potholes and some of them are as big as a small lake. I either needed to plant fish in them or fill them up, so I am filling them up. It seems like I get tuckered out quicker than I used to, so I am doing two wheelbarrow loads and then coming in and resting for about 10 minutes in my recliner. While I sit here, I am working on memorizing Bible verses and writing this blog. At this point, I have done ten loads with about four more to go until I finish the job. After that, I will go work on the 1969 mustang unless I am to done in to do it, which is a real possibility. I probably will skip my hour of stationary bicycle riding tonight, counting this as my exercise for today.

At times like this I fantasize about my new glorified body that I am going to get when I enter eternity. In Philippians it says that God will transform the body of our humble state into conformity with the body of Jesus. That is going to be one really cool body and mind. As I sit in my recliner breathing hard and sweating I am so thankful for my relationship with Jesus Christ and the positive hope that I have that this life is just about over and then glory, that will be glory indeed.

Alright, enough of this, back to shoveling.

1 thought on “Shoveling Gravel

  1. Lloyd Smith

    Now that you are in training for pot-hole filling I have a further similar opportunity (challenge) for you if you are interested. 🙂



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