God is Good

This last week was a lot of fun. We started on Monday at 5:00 am, praying as the beginning of our five days of prayer. We prayed for ten hours each day, Monday through Friday, specifically for the Missions Ministry of JBC and for the “Special Offering” we were taking this weekend. The offering that we took today was our missions ministry budget for the year, and our goal was $125,000. With all the things that have been happening in our lives it was hard to predict how we were going to do in the special offering. Because the prayer time this last week was so powerful and so many people participated I felt sure that we would reach our goal. There were a lot of people gone this morning from our services because of the ice and no electricity so I was bit nervous about attaining our goal, but so far we have $160,000 that has come in and I bet that by the end of the week when those who were gone give, that we will be close to $175,000!! Yes, God is so good!

We do three “Special Offerings” each year, one for our church building projects, a second for Home Land Missions, and then this one for our Foreign Missions Ministry. Each offering has a special prayer time and a goal for the amount that we pray for. Over the last 40 years of Special Offerings, I don’t think we have missed our goal more than a couple of times. It is always exciting to reach our goal and to know that God has blessed many with extra funds as they have traditionally given sacrifially to our church and special offerings.

Our offering today was an immediate answer to prayer. Still, most of the 2,500 people/hours of prayer this last week was for God to bless the various missionaries and ministries around the world. Many people will be brought into the family of God through the work and ministry of these missionaries and ministries. I believe that because of the extraordinary prayer offered up this last week that many amazing results are going to happen around the world.

Yes, it was an enjoyable week and weekend.

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