Weight training

As therapy for my Parkinson’s I ride my stationary bike 4 nights a week, and row on my rowing machine after the bike, 60 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes on the rowing machine. Three times a week I lift weights out in my “Man Room” for about one hour, using a program called “StrongLifts 5X5”. There are 5 different lifts and on each one I do 5 reps 5 times with a 3 minute break between reps. One night I will do squats, bench press, and the bar bell row, and the next time I lift I will do squats, over head press, and the dead lift. So I do squats every time I lift, and alternate between bench press, bar bell row, and overhead press, dead lift. During the 3 minute breaks I work on memorizing Bible verses. The App I have is really cool in that it times you between lifts and beeps when time is up, it automatically increases the weight by 5 pounds when I successfully lift the current weight 5X5 times and it leaves it the same if I only can do 4 on any one of the 5 lifts. It is fun adding weight, successfully lifting it and adding more.

That is the way I train myself spiritually as well. I add another verse to memorize, increase the amount of Bible that I read each day, read another book, push myself to read a little faster, add another goal to my list of goals, learn something new, do something new and different, go someplace I have never been, and learn a new skill. Just a little bit more over time results in significant accomplishment and growth. The key is don’t get content or lazy, keep pressing on, just a little bit more.

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