Someone was sending text messages today to people in our church as if from me saying that I was in trouble and needed money. I think most checked with me to see if it was genuine because there was a couple of things in it that made it suspicious. First it was the grammar, my grammar is bad but not that bad, second they signed it Pastor Dee Duke, I don’t believe I have ever signed a text message that way, and most who got the text recognized that fact, and then the phone number they used wasn’t mine and most who received a text know my number. Earlier today I got a phone call from someone saying they were from Social Security investigating a crime, and I had been identified as a culprit! I just hung up, but I got to wondering what would have happened if I had played along for awhile.

I googled “Scammers” and got some interesting information about the various scams going. A common one is with dating services, poor people, here they are looking for companionship and someone steals their money! One heading was, “How to scam successfully”, I bet they charged a lot for that one😀 It seems like a sad way to live one’s life, spending your days sending text messages, emails, and making phone calls trying to trick people so as to steal their money. Almost sounds like a computer game.

The devil has a number of names in the Bible, Lucifer, Satan, the dragon, the adversary, but I think a good one would be “The Great Scammer”. He is called the deceiver, trying to trick people into believing a lie instead of the truth. A scammers goal is to steal our money, but “The Great Scammers” goal is to steal our joy. The key to being “scam proof” is to know the truth, because scammers are always lying, and if we know the truth we will spot a lie a mile away.

1 thought on “Scammers

  1. Beverlee Hilton

    Hi Dee, My sis and i get calls once in awhile about our S.S. once they threatened me, that i better do something quick or i’d lose it. i know it’s a scam. It’s really madning. Also i get alot of scam calls on my cell phone. But i don’t answer unless i recognize the person or number. Texting for money and using someones name is really “low”. embarrassing to the name they use. Hope they get caught, and don’t make any money. We all know you wouldn’t ask for money like that anyway. If you needed money you’d mention it at Church.
    We all love you.



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