Accountability Tuesday

I love Tuesdays because I have 4 men’s accountability groups that meet on Tuesdays one at 5:30 am, another at 6:30 am, and another at 7:30 am. These three all meet at Denny’s restaurant in Albany in the same booth back to back to back. I then have one in my office at the church at 6:00 pm and at 7:00 pm I attend a men’s prayer time for an hour. During the accountability time each guy shares how they are doing on their goals and we congratulate, praise, and encourage appropriately. We all have Bible reading goals, prayer goals, pray with our wives goals, some have exercise goals and weight loss goals, some have kid goals, job goals, home project goals, and guys like me have fishing goals. Most everyone has about a dozen goals that they share each week. When we finish sharing our goals we usually quote some Bible verses that we are working at memorizing and then tell fishing stories or whatever. They are great times of fellowship, encouragement, and friendship which I enjoy very much. It is my opinion that every man ought to be in an accountability group either because they need it or because they can be an encouragement to others who need it. When those men who have their acts together opt out of these groups then there are few models and examples for others to follow. The Bible makes it very clear that if we have been taught by others then we need to teach others, if we have been encouraged by others than we need to encourage others, and if we have been coached by others than we need to coach others, anything less is selfish and irresponsible.

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