Certain Things Slip

From the age of 20 to 30 I skied a lot. In Trout Lake where I farmed we had a lot of snow in the winter so we built our own rope tow using a tractor on a truck with a 2 inch groove cut in one of the back tires. We rounded up almost a 1000 yards of 2 inch diameter rope, braided it in one big loop, put a car rim as a pulley at the top of a clear cut, put the rope around the pulley, jacked the back tire of the tractor off of the bed of the truck, ran the rope around it in the groove, put 5 gallons of diesel fuel in the tractor, started it, and skied for hours. We also got guys who owned snow machines to tow us up the road that was covered with snow to the top of Flat Top Mountain that had a fire lookout station at the top, and skied down the back side on the cleared trail made to run power poles to supply power and telephone service to the lookout station. We also would drive to Mt Hood Meadows and would ski almost every week all winter long. So for 10 years I skied a lot and got to be a pretty good skier. I am now 71 years old and have not skied for 40 years, but I am going to go skiing at Mt Bachelor in a couple of weeks. I am pretty sure that I am going to spend more time laying in the snow than skiing down the hill in spite of the fact that I am going to spend my time on the “ Bunny Hill”. I am anticipating having some spectacular wrecks in which I could break any number of body parts. The reason that this will happen is because a learned skill like skiing is forgotten if neglected for very long.

Another thing that slips away easily is my devotion to Jesus Christ as the Lord, the boss of my life. I don’t want it to happen, I don’t plan on it happening, it just does. Life gets hectic and I forget who is in charge of my life. The slipping away is slow at first and then picks up speed faster and faster. If I don’t catch it, repent, and recommit my life to Jesus as Lord there is the real danger that I would fall so far that coming back to being a fully devoted follower of Jesus may never happen. I have purposely built in events into my life and schedule that jerk me back into clear thinking resulting in solidly returning to Jesus as my first love, my Lord, my master, and my king. One such event is the annual 3 day Pastor’s Prayer Summit” held at Cannon Beach. It is away from everything in my normal life, the days are filled with worship and prayer, and the result for 32 years of coming is always the same, Jesus is King of my life, totally. I am here now, and the first day has been great, amazing, super, and awesome!

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