Emotional Health

Today I bought 4 Kindle books from Amazon and they were all on emotional health. I am in the process of reading them all and will probably incorporate much of what I learn from the books into my “Leadership Training” that I do at our church. Our lives are about relationships, our relationship with Jesus, with our spouse, our kids, and with people in our church, neighborhoods, and the work place. A major key to healthy relationships is healthy emotions or a healthy soul. Another way of saying it is being mature as apposed to childish in our relationships. Emotionally healthy people don’t easily take offense at things, that is they don’t easily get their feelings hurt. They are secure and confident in situations where the outcome is uncertain and they have little control over the outcome. Emotionally healthy people treat other people with respect and honor because they don’t feel intimidated by them or in competition with them. There are a lot of adults who are not healthy on the inside, in their soul. So how does one pursue a healthy soul, emotional health. One of the most difficult problems that immature people is their personal blindness to the condition of their soul. They don’t realize they are unhealthy on the inside so they don’t pursue growth in this area of their life. I can teach the skill of growing up on the inside. I can teach self examination, reflective thinking, and I can teach how to set goals for ourselves after self examination, goals that will promote growth in our soul. Discipleship is the primary purpose of our church having been commanded by Jesus to make disciples, and a key part of discipleship is teaching people how to have healthy relationships with others.

1 thought on “Emotional Health

  1. Lori Schelske

    Dee, I think it is awesome that you are going to incorporate emotional health into your leadership training! Since God created us with emotions, I think most people could benefit so much from learning about them and how to process them in healthy ways. I would love to know which of the books you like. Blessings! Lori



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