Super Bowl and Winning

One of the characteristics that almost all people have in common is that we like to win. I enjoyed the Super Bowl today because of the degree of competition and because my favorite team of the two playing won. Little kids compete with each other at an early age without being taught how to win. Competition and the desire to win can be a good thing in attempting to motivate ourselves to pursue excellence and success in life, but it can also create bitterness and meanness in our relationships as unhealthy pride pushes us to defeat others so that we can consider ourselves better than them and feel good about ourselves. I played sports all through High School and College, basketball, track, wrestling, and baseball, and always practiced super hard so I could win. When I started pastoring Jefferson Baptist Church I played on our church basketball team and softball team for years. I once told my wife that 90% of my sins were committed while I was playing competitive sports. At this point in my life I compete fishing and playing golf and in neither activity do I get to agitated if I lose. Now I compete with myself in the pursuit of my goals as I try to accomplish more even while it gets harder as I get older.

2 thoughts on “Super Bowl and Winning

  1. Bonnie Hartle

    I rooted for the Chiefs my grand son Joel McGill and family live there. They are with YWAM Joel has been for 20 yrs right out of highschool. SEEN THOUDANDS come to Christ. Good reason to root for the chiefs.



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