Old Age

My Mom went hyper mode after my Dad died. She started a Christian Camp and a variety of other ministries putting in many hours each week in work for the Lord. I have been plotting out the course of my life in regards to ministry assuming that I have 19 years left to work and serve. I am enjoying writing this blog more and more, and I am praying every day that God will give me wisdom and a special anointing from Him as I write it each day that it will be used by Him to influence many people to greater devotion and commitment to live for Jesus Christ and serve Him. A great thing about writing is it has the potential to impact people for years after I die. I have a goal of reading through all the blog posts I have written up to this point and picking the best of them and putting them together in a book of devotional readings. There are over a thousand blog posts to date and I could put 365 of the best ones together in this book. I would recruit a number of different people to help me pick the ones to use and to edit them in order to fix grammar and spelling mistakes.

I remember when Mom first started talking about selling her home and the 20 acres it was on, in order to buy the old school and the property it was on for the purpose of starting a Christian camp, I thought, “How crazy is that”, and tried hard to talk her out of it. I said, “Dad worked hard to provide a home for you so you would be comfortable if he died, and now you are going to sell it in order to finance this crazy dream!” I am pretty sure my calling the whole idea crazy spurred her on even more, and there was no way she wasn’t going to accomplish her goal.

I have 4 more ideas and dreams on how to bear the most fruit possible in the next 19 years. I will share them with you later.

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