I regularly hear of people, some I know well, having sexual affairs. It seems like the number of people who are being unfaithful to their spouses is increasing fairly rapidly. God in His Word has a lot to say about adulatory, and the consequences are always severe. I know of many pastors who have had affairs and ruined their ministries and their families because of it. The devil wants to take down Pastors because they represent God and lead churches that are attempting to influence people to be followers and lovers of Jesus. He knows that a sure way to do that is for them to get involved sexually with another person other than their spouse so he manipulates and maneuvers so the opportunity and temptation is there. I am 71, been married 50 years, and so far have managed to stay faithful to Patty and also have not given in to all the temptation around me to look at pornography. I have a plan in place so that I finish my life well and cross the finish line clean.

(1) I have memorized over a dozen Bible verses on moral purity and whenever my mind thinks anything immoral I choose to set my mind on one of those verses and meditate on them. I would guess from my counseling experience that almost every affair is preceded by periods of undisciplined mental fantasies.

(2) I don’t watch any television, read any books, or watch any movies that are even a little bit immoral in content. I check out any movie that I am considering seeing with an App that tells me exactly the content in the movie, garbage-in-garbage out.

(3) I don’t let myself get into any situations where compromising in this area would be easy. I have set up a number of guidelines and rules that I follow and don’t make exceptions to.

(4) I work hard in my marriage and love my wife the way Jesus loves the Church. Every morning in my daily prayer of commitment I say, “today I will love Patty the same way that Jesus loves the church, and I will not be unfaithful to her by letting my eyes wander where they shouldn’t, thinking thoughts that are not making her first place in my life.”

(5) Whenever I travel to speak, and I am by myself, I have a list of consequences that will come into my life, the life of my family, and the life of my church that I have written down and that I read several times a day.

(6) Every morning I ask God for wisdom to make right choices all day long, and the strength from Him to live Holy and pure.

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