The Last 20 years of my Life

I may only have 1 more day to live, but I am planning on 20 years. I am wanting these last 20 years to be the best years of my life for ministry and accomplishing significant things that are eternal and big. So I am praying, thinking, planning, writing and setting goals for this upcoming segment of my life. One of my goals as I wrote about yesterday in my blog, is to continue to develop my writing skill, and to pursue opportunities and ways that I can influence people to grow in their walk with Christ through writing.

Another ministry that I have got all planned out on paper, and am ready to implement, is I want to take on a young man each year and mentor and train him for ministry. This would be a 6 year program so I would have 6 guys that I would be working with at a time once it got rolling. The mentoring program would include a 4 year degree from an online Bible College and a Masters degree in Ministry after that. They would work at JBC as a part time staff person as part of their training and to earn the cost of the online schooling. I am praying that God brings the perfect people for me to invest my life in, and that He would give me the wisdom to train them to be world changing champions for Him. I can’t think of a better way to finish the race than to replace myself with 20 preaching pastors that are mighty men of God.

One of the reasons I am writing this is so that I might possibly motivate some who would read this to begin to want to accomplish more with their life than they presently are, to bear much fruit instead of a little. God supplies opportunities, strength, wisdom, time, and resources for those who really aspire to greatness for Him.

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