Daily Prayer of Commitment

Here is my every morning, first thing I do prayer of commitment.

Dear Lord,

Today I present myself to You as Lord of my life. You are the King, master, Lord, and boss of my life. Today I will obey You and do Your will for my life, no matter how hard or difficult it might be. You purchased me with Your blood, I am not my own, I am Yours.

Today I will read, memorize, and meditate on Your Word. I will abide in You and Your Word will abide in me.

Today I will be devoted to prayer. I will spend time alone with You, I will pray with Patty, and I will pray with my church family. I will pray for my family, I will pray for a list of lost people, and I will pray for every person in JBC every week.

Today I will love Patty as You, Lord Jesus love the church.

Today I will be the kind of father and grandfather to my children and grandchildren, that You are to me.

Today I will do my part to build Your church at JBC, and around the world.

Today I will love any person You sovereignly bring into my life, no matter how difficult they may be to love.

Today I will take every thought captive to obedience to Christ, by choosing to set my mind on appropriate memorized scripture passages every time my mind begins to lead me astray.

Today I will speak only words that give grace to the hearer, and never any unwholesome words.

Today I will live my life as if it is the last day I have before I stand before You Jesus at the Judgment Seat and am rewarded for what I have done for You in this body.

I can’t keep these commitments in my own strength, please fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and grant me Your strength to keep these commitments and to serve You well.

Please give me Your wisdom so that I will know what to say and do in any situation You sovereignly put me in today.

I love You

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