Blazers are out

Tonight the Portland Trailblazers lost the 4th game to the Golden State Warriors so they are out of the playoffs and Golden State heads to the NBA finals for a 5th time in a row. Now that Portland is out I will be a Warrior fan for the finals. I am a Blazer Fan, but I am a bit fickle in my support, I like them when they win, but when they lose I start getting more interested in other teams. Some sport fans are die hards, they stick with their team win or lose. I am not too concerned about my character being a fickle Blazer fan, but I am not an unfaithful husband. One of my commitments that I make every time I say “I love you” to Patty is “You are the only woman in my life, mentally, emotionally, and physically” for as long as I live. I am also totally and completely committed to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The unfaithfulness won’t be with another god, there are no other gods, if I love Jesus less it will be because I am loving the world and the stuff in it and placing my security in my money and possessions instead of God. I am also committed to my church family. They have good days and bad, but JBC is my church, my spiritual family. I start becoming less supportive and loyal to the Blazers when they lose, but I will never be unfaithful, not even a little bit to my church, I have been here 43 years and I will be here until I die.

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