Routine is so Good

Whenever I have traveled across multiple time zones and stay where I’ve traveled for longer than a week, I have a very difficult time sleeping when I get back home . . . for at least another week. My physical body has gotten used to sleeping at a regular time and when I change that routine it takes a while to adjust to the change. The very same thing is true of my mental and spiritual disciplines. If I never develop a regular routine in doing them they will remain a difficult discipline that I often forget to do. But, if I read my Bible at basically the same time and place every day it doesn’t take very long before it becomes a routine and it will be difficult for me not to remember to do it. The same principle is true of prayer, reading good books, writing my blog, and reading my goals. It takes a little planning and discipline to establish a routine, but once established it makes life so much more successful. Another major benefit of establishing a routine is that it saves a ton of emotional energy. We each have a gas tank of emotional energy that pretty much gets used up each day. Our emotional energy is what fuels our will power and our self-control. If we run out of energy before the day is over we will have a tough time making right choices and not getting sucked into wrong behavior as we finish the day. One of the major users of our emotional energy is decision making, so the trick is to make a decision once and then stay with it; don’t re-make it over and over again. If we never establish a time when we read our Bible, (but we know we need to read it), we will be trying all day to fit it in, sometimes getting it done and other times not. If there are very many things like that in your life you have become a very inefficient user of your emotional energy resource. If you get most of the things that you do established repeatedly on a regular routine, you will have so much more energy left at the end of the day that you will regularly finish strong. Most of the time if someone blows their diet they will do it in the evening, or a man struggling to control looking at porn will slip in the evening as well. Take the time to assign each of your spiritual disciplines to a daily time and place, and then stick with it. In a month there will be a new self-control level reached that really helps in life as you press on towards maturity as a Christian. 


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